TED TV – games are everywhere – Jesse Schell

More people playing FarmVille than there are Twitter accounts!?

“The iPhone is a Swiss army knife. Converged technology only works in pocket size… that’s why the i-Pad sucks!” According to Schell…

And what about the new Ford that contains a minigame. The less gas you use, the bigger the virtual tree on your display grows… Games are everywhere! – Video down below.

Games to help organizational transitions and as a training tool


We are currently working on a real cool project for Air Cargo Netherlands, Schiphol Airport and Dutch Customs.
To support an undisturbed flow of goods and speed up delivery times, the three parties mentioned above came up with a concept called ‘SmartGate’.
It basically comes down to a combination of a central database containing all digital data necessary to accompany cargo from A to Z and an integrated process in which all parties work together and provide information upfront (in-time) and complete.
If shippers (like Philips or ASML for instance) send all the information necessary to inform Customs in-time and complete, the risk analysis can be done upfront and cargo can be cleared and marked ‘green’ before it even arrives to the airport. Some cargo (explosives for instance) need to be checked anyhow, but sharing information within the logistic chain is the first step towards an integrated process.
Together with GameWise, BrandNewGame has analyzed the logistic process and defined a game concept to increase awareness of SmartGate and internalize the required future working method.
The plan is to create a central game-dashboard where players login (check screen dump) through their web-browser. After they are logged in, they can play through the logistic process on a virtual airfield where they encounter various mini-games at each step in the process. These games will give insight in specific challenges and dilemma’s. Eventually the games will train the players which information is essential for specific cargo shipments, how completeness and sharing of information will improve the flow of the process.
Hope to inform you soon about more cases, BrandNewGame and GameWise are also working for a large international bank and the port of Amsterdam.

Interactive movie for energy consciousness


Check out this interactive thriller about the future of our politics around energy. It’s a nice conspiracy story – if you have all Sunday (and enough interest in the future of the world’s existence 😉

It’s quite intriguing and technically well done! There are some mini-games you can play, but as with most of these ‘interactive films’ the mini-games do not add great value to the experience and are not all that relevant – unfortunately.

Submarine must have gotten a decent budget to build this – it looks amazing, behaves really well and the sounds design is great.

Check www.collapsus.com you really should!

New Book: A Brand New Playground – Searching for CASES!


Hi All!

I just finished the Dutch version of my book ‘Laat met je merk spelen‘ (A Brand New Playground) and would like to start with the international (English) version soon.
For this issue, I am looking for international cases of how games are being used as a marketing tool to achieve goals that are related to Product, Price, Personnel (staff), Place (virtual product distribution through games) or Promotion.

Please help me find them!

Think of global brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Diesel, BMW, etc.

Much appreciated if you can send me links or full cases!

Send an email to barthufen@brandnewgame.nl (subject: Cases for Brand New Playground)


Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Arkanoid, Frogger and Tetris take over the world!


Brilliant video – thanks to Patrick Jean and producers of ‘One More Production

Amazing Throwing Knife kill in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Cover of my Book! [Dutch version]


The cover of my book is finished [for the Dutch version].

Hope you like it! – Let me know what you think.

The English version will be available hopefully around July 2010…

Brand New Game Digital Interactive Branding

>The latest insights on Digital Interactive Branding using the CoCha model as a tool to develop an interactive branding strategy within the renewed media landscape.

Got Milk?

A real cool game produced in 2007 to raise the awareness amongst children that drinking milk is actually good for you!

This game contains multiple levels with a great learning curve.
It is REALLY impressive.

Check it out here

Also be sure to check out the Got Milk website. It’s very nice as well!

Mobile Advertising 2020 Vision from Ogilvy and Acision

>Basically they apparently share my vision that in the future all media merge. The central concept is used to create ‘content’ that reaches out to consumers through certain channels in a specific context… More to read HERE: