Games still the most popular apps on smart phones

>Research done by Nielsen amongst 4.000 US Smartphone users shows that games are still the most popular downloads.

Interesting to see that social networking websites (Facebook & Twitter I guess) are more popular than ‘communication apps’ like Voice over IP (Skype) and Instant Messaging (MSN). Also the weather and news is high in the list.

The charts speak for themselves I guess 😉

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Jeroen de Bakker en Mary Hoogerbrugge about Brand Programming [Dutch only – sorry]


Jeroen de Bakker en Mary Hoogerbrugge over Brand Programming from MGvandenBroek on Vimeo.

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TED TV – games are everywhere – Jesse Schell

More people playing FarmVille than there are Twitter accounts!?

“The iPhone is a Swiss army knife. Converged technology only works in pocket size… that’s why the i-Pad sucks!” According to Schell…

And what about the new Ford that contains a minigame. The less gas you use, the bigger the virtual tree on your display grows… Games are everywhere! – Video down below.

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Brand New Game Digital Interactive Branding

>The latest insights on Digital Interactive Branding using the CoCha model as a tool to develop an interactive branding strategy within the renewed media landscape.

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Forrester research on digital consumer behavior


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Social Media redefined and structured!


Finally a comprehensible layout of all digital interactive media. Nowadays it’s hard to know what to do on the web.
If you are interested in Digital Interactive Branding check out this pdf posted by BrandNewGame

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