Transformers in Germany

Check out this HUGE Transformer in Germany – Kassel.

Of course I beat the crap out of him that night…

There is also a great ‘Castle’ and ‘Fortress’ on a mountain there… check the short film below…


SAM 13 Marketing Event – Keynote Bart Hufen

State of the Art Marketing event 2013

They are coming… a horde of innovative, creative and confident youngsters. Generation Y. Students and young professionals from a limitless generation who want to distinguish themselves. Generation Y differs a lot from previous generations and many companies struggle to understand them. Although they can be peculiar sometimes, they are and will be your new employees, customers and clients.

Learn about them and their way of marketing and communication at the State of the Art Marketing Event on the 25th of January 2013. Organized by the students of this generation. With game-changing themes such as employer branding, scent marketing and co-creation. For more information go to

For those of you who missed me and want to see me, I will be the keynote speaker and talk about Games as a marketingtool 😉


The picture above was the ‘first hit’ I got when typing ‘Sam13’ into the Google search box… Apparently, Sam (the girl in the picture I presume) has uploaded at least 13 pictures of herself on her blog 😉

The event I am talking about is visualized below moehahaha

Bart Hufen tijdens 24-uur van Reclame na Bill Clinton

For my Dutch followers a short impression of the essence of my book ‘Laat met je merk spelen’! The most important message is that the gaming industry continues to grow spectacularly, especially the ‘applied gaming’-sector as we call it. Besides that I stress that advertising agencies should hire specialists to develop effective game concepts instead of their own art directors that have not studied game design….
Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker that day by the way… unfortunately I was too busy that day to actually see his talk… ;-(

Compliance Training 2.0: through Gamification

We released our compliance game in October 2012 here in The Netherlands for 2.500 employees of Ziggo (a cable, internet and telephone company). It was a great succes as you can read here:

The company below has a different proposition and chose to use a more ‘realistic’ cartoon style than we did, but it looks like a nice alternative and a great adventure compared to classical training, to ssay the least: it’s interactive!

Learning through games at schools

The University of Phoenix did a great job getting this message across with this video…It explains how we can learn by using computer games. “The blur between learning and playing should be even more blurrier…”


And let’s be really clear: everything in this video also applies to adults! We are ALL humans, young, old, men, women, black, yellow, red, white, blue or whatever color you like to have… Playing Games is in our DNA, whether it be political games, taunting games,  sexual games, learning games… it’s all gameplay on this playground we call earth…

Recruitment through games?

This Danish company  was looking for good front-end developers. Of course these guys like to play games as well, so they started an in-game promotion with posters in the free online game Team Fortress 2. Check the video to know how it worked and how many applications they got!

Of course the american army has been doing so since 2005 and it has proven to be their most effective tool to find new recruits! You can read more about that on my blog here:


Gran Turismo Academy Cup Winner is Belgian

Six PlayStation® gamers race Nissan 370Zs as part of WEC at Silverstone

Winner now embarks on intensive Driver Development Program before racing at Dubai 24H

Monday, 27 August, 2012: Belgian competitor Wolfgang Reip emerged victorious from over 830,000 European Gran Turismo® gamers when he was crowned Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy champion today at Silverstone.

The 25-year-old student from Lachutel will return to the UK shortly to embark on an intensive Driver Development Programme preparing him to race in the demanding Dubai 24 Hours in January in a Nissan 370Z GT4 car. The denouement of the gamer-to-racer competition was held as part of the World Endurance Championship (WEC) round at Silverstone – fittingly where former GT Academy champions Lucas Ordoñez and Jordan Tresson are racing in Nissan-powered LMP2 cars. The six final competitors raced on the world famous Grand Prix circuit in identical Nissan 370Zs. Starting from pole position, Wolfgang held off a challenge from second placed Andrea Cosaro and pulled out an unassailable lead to take the chequered flag.

After a long judges’ deliberation, when all of the data from the intensive week of driver training and each drivers’ future potential were considered, Reip was eventually announced as GT Academy 2012 European champion and took the top step of the podium at Silverstone.

“This is the most amazing day of my life,” said an emotional Wolfgang.” It is incredible, just incredible. I cried on the podium because there was so much emotion. It has been such a long week. There were so many different challenges and so much to learn and experience. To come out at the end of it as the winner, out of so many people who took part on Gran Turismo is just unbelievable.

“I was confident in the race. I really wanted to win it. It was quite amazing. It was a very difficult track because of the rainy conditions. There were constant changes, corner after corner the track got wetter in some parts and drier in others. I had the race under control. Andrea tried to pass me going into copse, but I knew I could re-pass him on the exit of the corner so it wasn’t a threat.”

Race Camp started when the 36 fastest PlayStation gamers from Europe arrived at Silverstone on Friday, 17 August. Split into six territory groups of six competitors, they were put through their paces in a variety of Nissan 370Zs, GT-Rs and other cars in many different challenges. The field was gradually reduced during the week as the impressive and experienced team of territory mentors decided which of their drivers had what it takes to make it through to the final stages of Race Camp.

“Race Camp has been really good. I am extremely impressed by the organisation and all that the competitors have done.” commented Benelux mentor Bas Leinders. “In the end, this was a very tough decision. In the race there were two guys who did a great job. The Italian, Andrea, started from the back of the grid but got a good start and was quickly up to second and challenging. For ‘Wolf’, it was hard to start from pole in the wet, but he was able to pull away until the last lap. Both have real potential and everyone felt they both deserve the chance to be racing.

“However, we had to make a decision, and the logical choice was the guy who had qualified on pole and won the race. I feel really strongly about this guy. He is top notch and can really do it. In the deliberation I put my reputation on the line arguing his case.”

Virtual Reality for Real: Oculus by Rift

I remember seeing the last VR helmet in 2002 at the ECTS (the European Games Convention – similar to E3 and Gamescom but much smaller)… The guys at Rift are optimizing this technology I guess! After Eyetoy, Kinect, Layar, Wii-U and Google Glasses… why not?

If Cliff Bleszinski and John Carmack believe in it, who would I be not to believe in it!?

FRIDAY FUN: A Dutch – Real life Gamification concept by Achtung

Who-ever thought that peeing in a pot could become a competitive game? I saw peeball in London once, some 5 years ago, but this Dutch concept by Achtung is very nice as well! Check out the video – and no, that’s not a transsexual you see after 40 seconds, but a woman using a ‘plastuit’ (a pee-aimer for women – another great Dutch invention)…

Newzoo outlook on the Gaming market 2012

My good friend Peter Warman from Newzoo held this presentation during the Game Developers Congress in 2012