The Fun Theory award winner – The Speed Camera Lottery


This is what we should do in The Netherlands as well instead of placing more ‘speed cameras’ – REWARD people for not-driving too fast. A positive motivation works much better than negative conditioning and restrictions…
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Gamers research USA – Thanks to the ESA (Dan Hewitt)


Report Finds More Women, Adults Play Games

June 7, 2011 – Washington, DC – 72 percent of American households play video games and 82 percent of gamers are adults according to new research released today by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). In a report released at E3, the world’s leading video game event, the data presented a consumer base that is increasingly diverse and receiving interactive game content on myriad platforms.
The report, 2011 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry, also found 42 percent of gamers are women and that women age 18 or older represent more than one third of the game-playing population. In addition, purchases of digital full games, digital add-on content, mobile apps, subscriptions and social network gaming accounted for 24 percent of game sales in 2010, generating $5.9 billion in revenue.

“Our industry’s innovative titles are reaching new consumers in broader, deeper and more-engaging ways,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the ESA. “Technological advancements and terrific entertainment experiences in our industry make it possible for people of all ages to enjoy games at home or on the go, and the creativity of our developers and publishers leads to an ever-expanding variety of video games to choose from in both digital and physical formats.”
The survey also found that parents remain highly involved in their children’s game play and see several benefits of entertainment software. Forty-five percent of parents report playing computer and video games with their children at least weekly and nine out of ten parents pay attention to the content of the games their children play. In addition, 68 percent of parents believe that game play provides mental stimulation or education, 57 percent believe games encourage their family to spend time together, and 54 percent believe that game play helps their children connect with their friends.

Other findings of the survey include:

  • The average game player is 37 years old, while the average game purchaser is 41 years old;
  • Sixty-five percent of gamers play games with other gamers in person;
  • More than half (55 percent) of gamers play games on their phones or handheld devices;
  • Eighty-six percent of parents are aware of the Entertainment Software Rating Board rating system, and 98 percent of these parents are confident in the accuracy of the ratings;
  • Parents are present when games are purchased or rented 91 percent of the time; and
  • Consumers spent $25.1 billion on game content, hardware and accessories in 2010.

The research for the 2011 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry was conducted by Ipsos MediaCT and is the most in-depth and targeted survey of its kind, gathering data from almost 1,200 nationally representative households that have been identified as owning either or both a video game console or a personal computer used to run entertainment software.
The Entertainment Software Association is the U.S. association dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies publishing interactive games for video game consoles, handheld devices, personal computers, and the Internet. The ESA offers services to interactive entertainment software publishers including a global anti-piracy program, hosting the E3 Expo, conducting business and consumer research, representing the video game industry in federal and state government relations, First Amendment and intellectual property protection efforts.

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Nissan uses game (Grand Turismo) to find talent for their Raceteam!


Maybe you are one of the 90.000 Gran Turismo 5 players that participated in the online cup facilitated by PlayStation and Nissan? If not, you missed a chance of a lifetime if you like cars, tarmac and speed… Nissan introduced their 370Z in GT5 and challenged all players to participate in their cup on a specially designed circuit within the game with the ultimate prize: driving for the Nissan team in the 24 hours of Dubai!

Two young lads (Thomas and Edwin) won the Dutch challenge on the Roosendaal circuit last week and will therefore take part in the European final on Silverstone! How is that for turning virtual experience into real-life action!?

I think Nissan does a great job to promote their brand amongst 90.000 young and eager car lovers and will definitely benefit from this excellent brand promotion!

There were six regions in total, amongst them were: Germany & Austria, France & Switzerland, Great Britain & Ireland, Spain & Portugal and Italy & The Netherlands. Each territory supplies two contestants so a dozen in total (which is 12 people in Holland 😉 will drive the ultimate drive on Silverstone in June!

Exclusive McDonald’s Farmville farm



A great example of gamevertising: branded content within FarmVille.

Limited edition items, gainable in only one day!

A nice promotion for McDonalds last year.

Is the iPad the next gaming platform?

>A special thanks to Distimo for their monthly research in the Mobile business! 

Gfk predicts that end of this year there will be 750.000 iPad’s in The Netherlands. I think there will be MUCH more tablets towards the end of this year. 

Here are some facts about the iPad and downloaded content… 
One year after launching the iPad, Apple will be confronted with its first serious competition as both BlackBerry and Google enter the emerging tablet market. Apple has already seized momentum and grown the App Store for iPad in the first year to 75,755 applications developed by 21,975 publishers. Daily downloads in the Top 100 Overall paid and free applications for iPad combined exceed 500,000, while the daily revenue in the Top 100 paid is approximately $400,000 excluding in-app purchases.

Trash Can Run!

>Do you know Nike+ ? I’ve been using it for some time and really like the fact that you can measure the length of your walks, the timing, the fact that Lance Armstrong congratulates you after you ran your tenth (or so) trip or more than 50 miles.

However. Every time I go running I get annoyed by all the trash lying on the streets and in the woods. For the past six months I’ve developed a ‘liking’ of taking trash out of the forest and rewarding myself with imaginary ‘Karma-points’. It is also fun to ‘get caught’ while ‘stealing’ trash from the forest and throwing it into trash bins and (hopefully) inspiring people that way.

This is how I came up with the idea for the ‘Trash Can Run’…

Also because I saw a local Dutch TV station asking the Dutch population to help collection trash on the ‘big trash collecting day’. But ‘initiating’ one day a year to collect trash doesn’t change people’s behavior, it only creates awareness. To really solve the problem, you need to change people’s habits and stimulate positive behavior – e.g. having people pick up trash where-ever they go or whenever they go running (or take a walk in the forest with their kids).

Here is how I think it should work, but please feel free to comment and help me out with the loose ends.

Before you take your walk or start your run, you need to ‘log in’ at a ‘trash can near you using your smartphone and barcode or QR code reader.

Then you start your tour or ‘run’ while looking actively for trash. Of course, in the beginning you are only allowed to collect paper trash, worth only 1 point per item (paper digests rather easily compared to other products) and when you advance to next levels you can collect other items.

Paper: 1 point
Plastic 10 points
Tins (cans) 25 point
Batteries 100 points

Of course the more you collect, the more points you gain and the bigger angel you will become online (more karma points will make you a saint!). But how to measure your points? Well – here comes it: most products that people leave behind have a barcode. These barcodes can be scanned with your mobile and connected to the trash-can you dump them in. This way local governments can also track how much trash was thrown away in certain trash cans!

Consider the leaf above as a ‘marker’, QR code or barcode.

As said, of course your points will be tracked through a system online, like in the case of EcoVille for Fiat Ecodrive. And the leaderboard shows the local heroes per forest, block or district, like mayors in Foursquare. Apart from points the trash collectors will also earn badges and call signs, like: paper boy, plastic fantastic, tiny tin, sigaret butt-kicker, etc.

The great thing is that people will start looking for other places in the city to collect trash as soon as they run out of trash in a specific area, so in the end – whole cities, parks and forests will be cleaned by runners and kids with families!

This idea needs sponsors, from governments, recycling companies and maybe even companies like Nike – So if you are connected – spread the word and save the planet 😉

PressPausePlay Official Trailer


I’m really looking forward to this movie… although I do not believe that ‘everybody’ will start creating stuff. If you look at the statistics you still see my 1-9-90 model:

< 1 % creates
< 9% influences
> 90 % consumes
But this does not mean we are on a tipping point here…
I do think we are switching into a ‘multi-monologue community. People are talking turn-based more and more via text messages (SMS), Commenting through facebook or Twitter, Whatsapp, Blogging, etc. The way we communicate is changing.

Gaming is the next mass medium


Watch live streaming video from adage at

Laat met je merk spelen te koop in Kluwer Shop! [Dutch only sorry]

>Vandaag een mooi artikel over Gamification in het Parool. Daarom even een doorverwijzing naar de verkooppunten waar mijn boek verkrijgbaar is.

Mijn boek ‘Laat met je merk spelen’ is te koop via, en de Kluwer Webshop. Uiteraard ligt het ook bij Selexyz en de betere boekhandels.

De gratis samenvatting kun je HIER downloaden (rechtsboven op ‘demo’ klikken).

iCade! – Arcade control for iPad

>This is ‘Da Bomb’ for all you arcade-classics game lovers and Atari fans.

As most of you know, I used to work for Atari over a decade ago and this surely brings back memories!

Check out this Arcade-control hub for iPad!

Together with all your favorite classic Atari games (The app is called ‘Atari Greatest Hits‘ in the iTunes store) you can replay the legendary games on this great console!

The screen below shows you how it works. I WANT TO PLAY DONKEY KONG !!!