400 monthly unique visitors!


I know this weblog is not yet the next Wired.com but I am very proud to announce that I currently have 400 unique monthly visitors according to Google Analytics with a refuge-percentage of only 10%
This means that people that come to my weblog are actually reading the content and got there because they wanted to (instead of getting there by accident).

So a BIG THANK YOU to all my 4.800 readers in the past year.

I hope my postings have been inspiring, helpful and fun.

Please join my group on Linkedin (called BrandNewGame) as well, if you with to receive weekly automated updates.

If you want to post articles yourself send me an email at barthufen@brandnewgame.nl

Let me know!

PS The girl in the shirt is NOT me. You can buy the T-Shirt at nerdyshirts.com 

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